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Empower your Customers
to get information-on-demand, on SMS.

An interactive messaging mechanism which completes the cycle of communication between the sender and the receiver. Venera Connect SMS platform enables you to initiate response via SMS, Voice and E-Mail to engage audiences in an interactive conversation on a large scale. Your customers can get stock prices, account balance, inventory, transaction statements and much more all over a humble SMS request.

Designed to Deliver

Advance integration

options for plug and play to SMS enable any enterprise application.

Advance handover engine

that can be configured for fault tolerance and load sharing so that you never miss an update.

Integration with Third Party Tools

such as CRM, Logistics, Core System, address finder, coupon validator etc made easy with this integration.

Global coverage

to receive SMS from any country on Short Code, Long Code or Medium Code.

Interactive messaging

across groups for internal communication without any third party app or internet.

Customer feedback

when you need it the most without any hassles.

Send quick call back responses

to the sender including a SMS, Voice, Email or even a broadcast.

The product that delivers the service

Two-way messaging

Venera Connect interactive messaging layer to let your customers know that you are always listening to them.


NotifyOne is a group messaging solution that provides a unifying platform for each team or group within an organization.


Transactional Alerts

Segment & Retarget

Promotional Sms

User Verification (OTP)

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