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Transactional Alerts

Venera Connect provides APIs and on-premise SMS solutions that allow enterprises to send alerts, such as account balance or transaction notifications, to their customers.

User Verification (OTP)

multi-channel retry mechanism to ensure timely delivery of your OTP SMS across different channels.

Promotional SMS

Craft SMS campaigns tailored to individual user behavior by utilizing our powerful tools and solutions.


Robust SMS analytics engine that enables businesses to segment their customer base and send targeted SMS broadcasts for better retargeting

Information on Demand

Obtain information instantly by sending a simple SMS to a dedicated number for a wide range of services such as stock prices, account balance, inventory, office locations, transaction statements, status updates, and more.


Engage your customers with SMS-based quizzes, contests, and gamification to make their experience interactive and fun.

Internal team communication

Effectively communicate with your internal teams by utilizing SMS to send out service alerts, including security updates and new account information.

Customer Satisfaction Messaging (C-Sat)

Conduct surveys or collect feedback by sending SMS-based polls and easily receive responses from customers through a simple click, missed call, or text message.

Loyalty Programs

Implement multi-level loyalty programs that extend beyond SMS and utilize multiple channels.

Ensure your messages are secure and compliant with our on-premise solution designed for compliance and security. With our solution, you can trust that your messages are in good hands and meet industry standards for security and privacy
  • Real-time actionable insights on your user data
  • Point-and-click in-app push messages
  • Deliver 1:1 Personalization at scale
  • Visual journey builder for Customer lifecycle campaigns

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An SMS API (Application Programming Interface) provides an integration platform to programmatically send and receive SMS messages. With this API, your brand can build a tailored SMS channel to communicate with your customers. You can also verify if each message was delivered, track each interaction, and even retrieve the history of older messages.

An SMS API is an easy and cost-effective way to programmatically send and receive SMS messages to and from customers. If you are looking for an easy way to set up SMS messaging for your brand, an SMS API is the way to go. Reliable and secure, the SMS API makes it easy to connect to an SMS gateway and send messages at scale, quickly and easily.

An SMS API like Venera Connect is a basic building block that makes it possible for brands to connect to an SMS gateway to programmatically send SMS messages easily and scalably.
There are a few APIs that provide free SMS integration to programmatically send short messages via an SMS Gateway. However, they offer limited functionality that doesn’t scale well as a company grows. To participate in contextual, meaningful two-way communication with customers via SMS, a paid SMS API like Gupshup is usually a better choice.
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