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Deeper Customer Engagement with Conversational UI


With Venera Connect's messaging platform, you can easily schedule and send in-app pop-ups, interstitials, banners, and interactive push notifications with rich media support. It offers a wide range of use cases including revenue generation, information sharing, polling, contests, and segmentation by location and tagging.

Actionable Buttons in Messages

Interact with effective promotions and notifications through Call-to-Action buttons that can be tailored and personalized for each notification and desired action. These buttons can range from options like 'Like' and 'Pay' to 'Contact Me', depending on the specific use case.

Feedback & Surveys

Generate surveys to gather customer feedback at different touchpoints, including experiences at physical retail stores, online shopping, customer service calls, and product installation.

Payment Gateway Integration

Utilizing the platform APIs, seamlessly connect with Payment Gateway providers to enhance the buying experience by allowing customers to complete transactions directly from within the notifications.

Chat Functionality

This platform provides a secure and private environment to establish meaningful and productive workgroups, as well as securely share ideas and tasks within a closed group of individuals.

Project Management

The platform offers intelligent process execution capabilities that retrieve data from multiple integrated databases and utilize that data to execute a desired outcome efficiently.

Get a start with ACTON – Actionable messaging + Business Process Engine
  • As Convenient as Chatting: Conversational interface that is built on progressive web app technology
  • Commands in Reply Message: Ability to issue commands through messages. For example ‘&BAL’ will fetch your account balance.
  • No Limitations on Type of Content: Ability to embed images, video and document.
  • No Compromises on Security: Secure communication like OTP, account number and so on can be protected by a password.
  • Seamless API support: Supports a rich set of restful APIs to send and receive messages. The APIs are simple to use and can be accessed over the internet (cloud) for ubiquitous access.
  • Legible. Presentable. Useful.: Messages are always formatted and presentable. This is especially useful when communicating promotional content, presenting a bill etc.
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