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Hyper-personalize communication across channels

Feature-rich solution with real-time actionable insights

Powerful analytics

Obtain valuable and immediate insights into your user data through our readily available analytics tools. These insights can be leveraged to create intelligent marketing strategies that will have a significant impact on your business

Omni-channel personalization

Provide personalized experiences to your customers by offering unique product recommendations, dynamic content, and personalized promotions across various channels, both online and offline

Mobile-app personalization

Create a robust app engagement plan by utilizing context-aware push notifications and effective in-app messages through a simple point-and-click process, boosting customer loyalty.

Massively scalable

Achieve personalized marketing at scale with the ability to move beyond traditional blast campaigns, even with billions of data points, without compromising on campaign launch time.

User friendly campaign journey builder

Create end-to-end customer lifecycle campaigns easily with a visual journey builder, without the need for technical expertise or support.

Marketing automation

Automate marketing communications across all channels with Venera Connect. Simply set up the logic once and relax as the platform delivers personalized messages to your users.

Built for offline businesses as well

Marketers can make informed decisions with our platform that integrates customer clickstream and catalog data from large datasets, providing a holistic view of the customer and valuable marketing insights.

Optimize channel campaigns

Eliminate uncertainty from campaign management and engage with customers at the most impactful times. Utilize our predictive modeling capabilities to initiate communications that are optimized for each channel.

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  1. User Behavior Triggered Emails

Transform your site/app abandoners into potential customers by sending triggered emails based on their abandonment actions and product interests. Our advanced triggering rules are not only limited to web or app events but also leverage data from your internal systems such as CRM, POS, Call Center, Help Desk, and more. Enhance engagement by customizing email content with user attributes, event parameters, and predictive intelligence. Personalized email content can significantly increase CTRs (click-through rates).


  1. Smart Batch Campaigns

Instead of sending generic email blasts, run targeted and personalized promotional campaigns that persuade subscribers to take action and purchase. Create user groups based on behavior such as those who signed up but haven’t made a purchase in the last 30 days, those who have viewed multiple products in a specific category but haven’t initiated a purchase, and users with high frequency and monetary scores. With the ability to quickly create targeted audiences from your subscriber base, you can deliver personalized emails in just minutes and achieve high throughput even when sending millions of emails.

  1. Triggered Notifications

You can activate these banners according to predetermined business rules. Establish triggers based on user behavior attributes on the website, such as the amount of time spent on the site, scroll depth, exit intent, and other relevant events.


  1. Dynamic Personalization

Tailor your banner content to match each user’s interests and behavior by leveraging their personal attributes, event attributes, and predicted preferences. Welcome users with content that appeals to their unique tastes and preferences, based on their demonstrated affinity for specific categories and products.

  1. Behavioral Segmentation & Personalization

Craft personalized push notifications that resonate with your target audience and entice them to visit your website. Utilize segmentation based on various parameters such as custom user behavior, profile data, or predictive intelligence to create targeted user groups. Demographic, geo-targeting, and event-based segments can help create more meaningful user buckets. Address your users by their names, offer discounts on their favorite products, and provide unique coupon codes to engage with them on a personal level.


  1. Push Notification Styles

Our push notification platform supports a wide range of notification styles, including text and image-based notifications, as well as more engaging formats like carousel and audio/video notifications

  1. Intuitive and Graphical Interface

Effortlessly set up intelligent campaigns using the Campaign Journey Builder’s intuitive and visually appealing interface, which is packed with advanced features. Create complex campaigns in just a few minutes by setting rules.

  1. Strong data insights

Gain valuable insights into user behavior with our powerful analytics tools, which include funnel and cohort analysis, SQL queries, aggregations, and path analysis. Our comprehensive interface makes it easy to access and interpret this data, allowing you to make informed decisions and take action quickly to stay ahead of the competition.


  1. High scalability

Gather a wealth of data to make informed decisions that benefit your product and business. Obtain numerous insights rapidly and without impeding employee productivity. Scale up to handling billions of monthly events while still maintaining strong query performance


  1. Predictive Analytics

Simplify data analysis for your marketing team by leveraging advanced modeling techniques, including regression and time series analysis, through R/SQL on your big data. Gain valuable insights into user behavior and predict future activity, enabling your team to make informed business decisions that enhance the customer experience and drive revenue growth.

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