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Venera Connect is RCS Ready

Venera Connect can help you to implement your RCS solution in 4 simple steps
  • Venera Connect will outline the business process and consult on how to RCS enable your requirement.
  • Build a prototype RCS flow
  • Develop RCS flow for sign-off and closed user group review
  • Go live and advertise your RCS platform.
Why Venera Connect?
  • Venera Connect is India’s largest mobile engagement provider
  • Largest customer connects – Over 100 Bn messages sent annually
  • India’s most reliable service – 99.995% uptime
  • India’s most capable team – Over 250+ specialists
  • Step-by-Step assistance, from RCS design to launch

What RCS offers?

Rich Media

Share images, videos, music, maps etc. Construct engagements where customers can review and select several products or services

Branded communications

Incorporate your brand through rich media content, profile images, avatars, icons.

Actionable Buttons

Provide actionable buttons to enable purchases, product/ services options, polling etc.

Suggested replies

Provide suggested replies that can accelerate customer engagements.

Link to payments

Enable customer payments by linking directly to their bank accounts or online wallets


Provide carousels in rich media that customers can browse.

What can you do with RCS?

Personal Shopper

Provide automated personal shoppers that can assist customers to make personal product decisions

Automate Customer Service

Deploy RCS chatbots to diagnose problems deliver self-help fixes and finalize appointment for on-site/ home visits.

Manage Loyalty

Get customers to sign-up and manage their loyalty relationship. Customers can also redeem their points in the RCS interaction

Customer Instruction

Use video aids to provide step-by-step instructions to customers to install products or services with.

Employee Training

Deliver training content on-demand to employees across diverse locations.

Drive sales

You can extend your e-commerce app to a messaging interaction

Active Promotions

Deliver promotions along with offers and purchase options. Invite customers to browse options and complete transactions.

Improve footfalls

Provide mobile coupons that are personalized for customers. Mobile coupons can be redeemed at the checkout counter

Brand updates

Share brand or product updates with rich personalized multi-media content

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