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WhatsApp Business Services by Venera Connect

Service Workflow

Drive conversational chatbots to gather information.

Integration API

Integrate your live systems to cater to customer needs.

Chat Interface

Provide live support to your customers instantly.

Knowledge Repository

Respond to your customers using AI.

BPA Manager

Automate processes with zero code development.

NLP Manager

Support free form conversations to interpret requests.

What can you do with WhatsApp?


Send out notifications eg. periodic account summary, policy expiry, delivery tracking information.


Carry out transactions such as travel bookings, rescheduling a delivery and account opening.


Retrieve account balance info, profile information, product warranty details, tracking services.


Help customers with “How to" questions, “I am unable to” concerns, “Can I” clarifications and much more.

Deployment Models offered by Venera Connect

Venera Connect offers a highly secure cloud environment with 99.995% uptime and easy integration into any application. Their Venera connect WhatsApp Cloud deployment can help businesses manage content and user responses more efficiently, reducing time to market. With this solution, businesses can achieve scale, reliability, and simplification in using WhatsApp for their communication needs.
Venera Connect’s Cloud deployment model eliminates the need for enterprises to invest in hardware, people, development, uptime, and other factors associated with on-premise setup for WhatsApp. This results in reduced ownership costs and eliminates the learning curve to achieve the best of the platform’s capabilities. Venera Connect takes care of all the necessary concerns, leaving only the integration points for your team to consider
With Venera Connect’s WhatsApp solution, you will be able to convert all your existing systems with WhatsApp interactivity messaging using our Solution. Venera Connect’s intelligent rule engine will help build interactive responses for each request after executing business rules. The solution is built keeping business users in mind with little to no coding involved at your end. Some of the key features include are:

Zero development at your end.

Automatically enable existing application on WhatsApp.

Time to market is reduced substantially.

Faster roll out new of new streams on the fly with the business rule engine.

24/7 support to help you with any needs.

Support for HA for WhatsApp accessibility.

We Are Here To Help You, Frequently Ask A Question

Onboarding the WhatsApp Business Platform without the right technology partner can be complicated and cumbersome.
Your time to market is significantly reduced as our team of experts can guide you round the clock and help you set-up without any hiccups. We can get your enterprise WhatsApp enabled in a matter of days and also provide readymade plugins and adapters to quickly integrate WhatsApp services with your business.

Used for process automation through APIs for central support by medium & large businesses  Supports no mobile interface  The account is created by applying for a WhatsApp Partnership, typically through WhatsApp Business Solution Partners such as Venera Connect. No calling capabilities are supported


Three things are essential for your brand to go live with the WhatsApp Business API:
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)
  • Line of Credit
In case you do not have any of the above, then getting them is convenient with Gupshup. Contact us to know more.
Messages sent over the WhatsApp Business app are free. But there is a pricing component attached to the ones sent over the WhatsApp Business API
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